$12 for 70 lbs of Veggies

Watermelon in warehouses from Borderlands Produce Rescue website

Every Saturday, from 8 am-11 am, Borderlands Produce Rescue provides 70 lbs of veggies for only $12! That’s 17ยข a pound!!

An amazing deal plus, they intermittently provide organic items. Understandably, 70 lbs of veggies is daunting, but I enjoy sharing with friends, family, and neighbors via the Olio app.

The veggies are available for only $12 because most of it was processed to go to landfills as the produce distributors were unable to market it. Their loss is our gain ๐Ÿ™‚

To find out which veggies will be available each week, check out their Facebook page. It is posted on Fridays.

I really like Borderlands because it’s easy to find a location close by. Here is a link to their calendar through May 25th.

**Please remember to bring cash**


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